Welcome to the IU Basketball Film Room! What exactly can you expect here? You guessed it – film breakdowns of IU basketball games and players throughout the season. Wondering what play the Hoosiers ran to score a crucial bucket? Interested in how Archie had his guys guard the screen and roll against Michigan State? The IU Film Room is the place to have those questions answered – all with film. 🙂

About IU Film Room

Tony Adragna is the guy behind the curtain. Tony is a 2013 Sports Broadcasting grad from Indiana University. While at IU, Tony spent a lot of time around the basketball program and broadcast some of their games for BTN and WIUX. Upon graduation, Tony became a basketball coach at his alma mater (Southport High School), where he played for the Cardinals through high school.

Mixing a bit of media, IU hoops, and X’s and O’s checks all of the boxes for Tony. Thus, IU Film Room was born.

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