Porter Moser. Not necessarily a hire that would rock the college basketball landscape, but a guy that the more and more I’ve read about, the more and more I like the fit at IU.

Yes, you can look at KenPom and see his teams generally aren’t uptempo. Yes, you can look at his coaching career and note that he’s only made the tournament twice. (Fun fact: I did exactly this on Twitter, myself.)

HOWEVER, Porter Moser in 2021 is not Porter Moser in 2006. This is a guy that went and reinvented himself under legendary coach, Rick Majerus, and learned what it takes to build a great program, which he’s done at Loyola.

But I didn’t send you to this page to read my words, so supplied below is a breakdown of IU coaching candidate (at least as far as we know), Porter Moser.

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