I am super excited to announce that IU Film Room will be joining the Assembly Hall community! As you can see in the video above, we announced this ‘merger’ on Thursday night’s Assembly Call Radio.

So what exactly does this mean and what value do you get by joining?

The Assembly Call community is a private, paid community that is second to none when it comes to bringing IU fans together to discuss, analyze, and talk primarily IU football and basketball. Jerod Morris, the founder of Assembly Call, and I have been having discussions for quite some time about how our content complements each other so well, and it was really a no-brainer to bring the IU Film Room content into that community.

While yes, it does cost money, we think the value that it brings is well worth it, as do over 1,000 others in the Assembly Call community.

The IU Film Room is a premium add-on for the Assembly Call community, but Jerod is offering new community members a bundle that gets the Assembly Call community access + the IU Film Room add-on for just the price of the Assembly Call community. However, this deal won’t last, so you have to sign up by Friday, October 15th

Again, you get access to the Assembly Call community, which is a place for IU sports fans to congregate, connect, and discuss their Hoosiers — and to do it away from the negativity of Twitter and the distractions of Facebook + IU Film Room access.

IU Film Room will consist of:

  • Game filim breakdown
  • Individual player film
  • Recruit film breakdowns
  • Opponent scouting reports
  • Analytics deep-dives
  • And more!
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